The specialists who control their own everyday life


We are continuously working on improving our wonderful group dynamics and strong corporate culture that you will find here at Pure Consulting Group.

At Pure, developing conferences, lunch meetings, tech events, seminars, after-works and other teambuilding activities are commonplace.

We do not demand your participation at these activities; however, it is of course more enjoyable the more people that attend.

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Skills development

Pure Consulting Group consists of experienced specialists with a strong drive to further develop and stay up to date with the latest technologies, methods and tools.

One of the key factors of our success has been that the consultant owns her/his own skills development.

All the knowledge that enters Pure Consulting Group is shared liberally with colleagues, which continuously strengthens our team.

Because of that, our co-workers always have the rare opportunity to get a broad understanding of the customers’ business, which creates a real business advantage.

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Consultants who are given freedom and space to develop are happier and more motivated. For that reason, you, together with the client, have control over your day.

As a specialist supplier with employees in the top tier of their fields, we have the opportunity to offer the market’s most stimulating assignments, both in terms of clients and fees.

In this way, we encourage drive, participation and commitment.

We call this real freedom under responsibility.


Pure Consulting Group was started in 2010 by experienced IT entrepreneurs and developers and has since grown organically in accordance with the motto “Quality over quantity”.

From day one, the goal was to have an organisation where we could put the consultant front and centre, offer the most appealing tasks, have the best demands and moreover a really good time together. Today, we work in this way with a staff of 70 consultants in three different locations in Sweden.

Our field of work covers development of IT-architecture and integration, technical testing and project and test management.

We help our clients make software delivery more efficient and “digitally transform our customers’ businesses from the ground up”, to quote what leading companies on the Swedish market have said about us.

Together is the primary keyword for the way we work.

We are developing together with our clients.

We help our clients towards more efficient processes and a better user experience thanks to our technical expertise and knowledge in the banking, insurance, public sector and gaming industries.

We work continuously at being up to date regarding what’s next, which technology and which tools or processes are the best right know.

In this way, we can together benefit from the technology and trends that the future offers.

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