”Market leading compensation models

for real.

”We have a wide range of compensation models and you choose the one that best suits your life situation. What they have in common is that you are guaranteed to receive significantly higher compensation for the same work compared to what you have today. It is also possible to change models along the way.

We were the first in the market to offer fully variable remuneration, including guaranteed salary. Our average employee has increased their remuneration by 25% compared to previous employment if they continue to work to the same extent as before.
We know what you deserve and the importance of balance between work and spare time.

We do not compromise on quality and have a well-functioning organization that supports you. We often meet on our central premises for fun and shared activities. We also have great conferences every year at warmer latitudes as well as in the Alps’ mountain range, which we see as a matter of course within Pure. Every time a new conference occurs, we hear great praises from new colleagues such as “this was the best and most rewarding conference trip I have experienced in my entire career!

Get in touch, we promise you will not regret it. None of our more than seventy consultants have done it so far.

We are looking for a senior consultant at front end development. You should be able to quickly gain an understanding of our customers’ operations and create business benefits and services for all channels.

We are looking for you that has many years of experience of java development. Most of our assignments are about simplifying and streamlining the integration between different IT systems so that the business gets its products out and creates customer value.

We are looking for you who have already worked for a few years as EA. You must be responsive to customers’ needs and see the whole picture, i.e. have knowledge of both IT and business operations in general.


We are looking for you who previously worked as a solution architect in several different projects and assignments. You have great customer understanding and are known for being good at creating business value.

We are looking for you who have worked as a BA for more than 5 years and have extensive experience in requirements collection, process modelling, documentation and work with Use Case.

We are looking for you who has experience in technical testing (test automation, performance testing or integration testing).

We are looking for a UX tester with many years of experience in the industry who is not afraid of new challenges.

We are looking for a test automator with an interest in technology, who understands logical connections between IT systems and has the ability to ensure the business value of our customers.

We are looking for a test manager who masters traditional test management but is also ready for the requirements that might arrive tomorrow.

Pure Consulting group is a breath of fresh air with committed consultants

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